Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

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Flange-mount bearings support heavy loads when the shaft axis is perpendicular to the mounting surface, which can flex the shaft and create harmful vibration. To stabilize and support the shaft, flange-mount bearings are mounted in one of three flange forms. Four-bolt flange-mount bearings can support the highest loads. They come in a square or circular flange shape. Three-bolt flange-mount bearings support moderate loads and come in a circular form or triangular form offset from the round bearing. Two-bolt flange-mount bearings, which offer the least support, come in a diamond shape. Flange-mount bearings also use different types of bearings for different applications. Roller bearings offer higher load support, ball bearings decrease friction and operate at faster speeds, and plain bearings control the shaft's linear movement.

Sealmaster CRFBS-PN205 Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

Cylindrical Bore 0.39
3 mm 2,000,000 N

Sealmaster SFT-10C RM Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

0.075 to 0.120 mm Cylindrical Bore
540,000 N 130 mm

Sealmaster SFT-208 DRT Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

2.5 mm 2,400 rpm
47 mm Cylindrical Bore

Sealmaster TFT-19TC-2 Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

Machined Brass Open
1060 mm Symmetric

Sealmaster CRBFRS-PN24T RMW Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

360 mm 2.03
Open 382 mm

Sealmaster SFT-14C CR Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

Open 8,500,000 N
450 rpm 8

Sealmaster MFC-19C Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

4,850,000 N 189 mm
Double Seal 350 rpm

Sealmaster HFT-19 Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

Machined Brass 4
5 mm 5.440 kg